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Frequently Asked Questions

Whom do I call for replacement parts?

Contact our Customer Service Department at 614-522-0301

Do you make custom cases?

Yes we specialize in our custom cases, please contact our office at: 614-522-0301 or our contact us page.

What do I have to do before I return my case for repair?

Contact our Customer Service Department at 614-522-0301 for a Return Authorization Number. Products can not be returned without a RA number.

Does a Warranty come with my case?

Depending on the style case, many have a lifetime warranty and custom cases have a 1-year warranty on manufacturer defects only. Please inquire for more information.

Where will I find my model number on my case?

On all Custom cases we attach a silver tag with the item number for future reference when returning or repairing products. For Stock cases you will need to refer to the model number from our website or on the case.

How long will a repair take?

Usually about one week on a Stock case and 1-4 days for a Custom case.