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MR1907-2/29/2-3U Pelican Rack Mount Case


Th MR1907-2/29/2-3U Rack case contains a rack measuring 3U or 5.25″ high with a 29″ body. It will have a 2″ and 2″ lid. Weight is 32 lbs.



The MR1907-2/29/2-3U Pelican Mac Rack Mount Case by Hardigg is a compact rack case engineered to be minimal in size, light in weight and Hardigg tough. these rack is designed for your 19″ rack mountable equipment and are perfect if you are deploying downrange, shipping down the road, or just moving down the hall. These rack cases are equipped with a breather valve and is considered airtight.

This case is prices with your choice of color and has standard Cobalt Hardware, a Breather Valve, and a Weight package of 24 to 100 pounds. All cases with a 5″ rear lid will have edge casters

Hardigg cases are semi-custom and options can be chosen to fit your requirements. Please contact us for additional information on pricing for these options or quote or to order over the phone please feel free to call us at 800-515-1055  New World Case or e-mail us