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iM2600TPKIT TrekPak Divider Kit


iM2600 TrekPak Divider Kit




IM2600TPKIT TrekPak Divider Kit

Get the best protection with the most functionality possible inside your Pelican 1520 case with the TrekPak divider insert. Protect and organize your gear with TrekPak’s innovative sturdy divider and pin system. In this kit, you will receive uncut divider strips that you will be able to cut (utilizing TrekPak’s cutter tool) into smaller dividers to fit the gear you plan to place in the case. �
TrekPak Divider System Consists of…..
Two (2) perimeter pieces.
Two (2) dividers 19 inches in length.
Two (2) dividers 13 inches in length.
Twenty (20) pins and pull tabs.
One (1) Cutter Tool.
Top and Bottom foam

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Weight 15 lbs