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0500 Pelican Watertight Case ID: 34.95″ L x 18.45″ W x 25.25″ D


Pelican 0500 case comes standard empty, or with Pelican’s easy to use Pick ‘N Pluck foam. This foam allows you to customize the interior by removing pre-scored cubes of foam to create one or more compartments for your equipment. Buy the 0507 Caster Kit to add casters to this case or the 0508 Pallet Riser Kit.

Dimensions are : ID: 34.95″ L x 18.45″ W x 25.25″ D OD: 39.95″ L x 23.45″ D x 28.65″ D Weight: Empty 50 lb With foam 58.6 lb Available in color Black only.




Pelican 0500 Foam Filled cases have interior foam as follows : 7 total pieces of Polyurethane foam layers that include piece(s), 4.4″ thick Pick ‘N’ Pluck; 1 piece 2″ thick solid foam on bottom & 1 piece convoluted foam for the lid.

Pelican Case 0500 Shipping Case is designed so two cases fit on a 42″ x 48″ pallet.The case design also allows for the cases to be stacked one-level high for a total of four cases in one pallet. The Pelican 0500 also is equipped with two automatic pressure equalization valves that keep moisture out and prevent vacuum lock so the case is easy to open at any altitude.

Additional information

Weight 69 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 30 × 25 in